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Zaventem-Brussels-International Airport - Travel Info

Go To ARRIVALS at|press 1 Arrivals - Arrivees- Aankomst. COM

Go To ARRIVALS at|press 2 Departures - Departs - Vertrek .COM
Arrival - Departures - Flight Information
SMS 3880 - Text message Instructions
Request this information by sending a text message to Flight Info number 3880.
Total cost for requesting and receiving information for one specific flight is 1.00 Euro*.
If submitted an incorrect flight number, you will receive a free error message.
*3880 is for use within Belgium.
*Service accessed abroad costs more.
How does it work?
Choose a language code (optional):
E=English, N=Dutch, F=French, D=German.
When omitted, message will be in English.
After language code, leave a space.
Type flight number. This normally consists of
2 or 3 letters and 2 to 4 numbers.
To request departure information this is all.
To request arrival information; after flight number type a space, then the letter A.
Send the message to the 3880 number.
Shortly you will receive a text message with the latest flight details.
Example 1 - Departures - Departs - Vertrek
You require departure information in English for flight ABC1234:
Type : E ABC1234
Send to 3880
Example 2  - Arrivals - Arrivees - Aankomst
You require arrival information in English for flight AB123:
Type : E AB123 A
Send to 3880